Dedicated to Our Craft

Between customizing equipment and meeting the perfect environmental conditions for each specific cultivar, we believe that our craft shines when focusing on the details that get lost in everyday production.

Our Process

From early culling of only the healthiest clones to ensure even and healthy canopies, to individually tailored feeding for certain cultivars, all the way to harvesting and curing in an environment that retains almost all of its aroma as when it was on the vine.  

This tailored process ensures that all of our cultivars achieve their full potential.

We Innovate

Part of our innovation process was to stand out from all the other competitors and to do that we partnered with a team of engineers that over a couple of years we were able to design lights that would allow us to manipulate spectrums and intensity like nothing else on the market.

This allows us to tailor each light specifically for the plants that are blooming beneath them.

How the Magic Happens

The foundation for growing an amazing cultivar all begins with the proper genetics.

After that you need to create environmental conditions that can adequately help you achieve unlocking the plants highest potential.

Finally you need a team dedicated to put their best energy towards the plants needs.
Using only tissue cultured genetics that have been rigorously tested to be free of any virus or pathogens allows us to keep both the plant and its surroundings away from harm.

With state of the art double tier racks this gives us maximum vertical space, top tier irrigation, custom LEDs and a nutrient regime designed by our horticultural expert to maximize the plants highest potential.

We are truly dedicated to innovation and craft cultivation within the budding industry.

Road to Sustainability

Commercial growers have turned to artificial pesticides, harmful growing practices and modes of distribution to bolster sales and increase crop yields.

These practices contribute a ton towards pollution. Harsh chemicals and pesticides are often applied to cannabis crops to increase crop yields and protect against pests and diseases.

Pesticides sprayed or applied to cannabis crops can seep into the earth, contaminting soil and water sources.
We use a mixture of essential oils and soap as a method of pest and pathogem control to ensure no harmful chemicals are coming in contact with your medicine.

Most cannabis products are packaged in single use plastic packaging, which due to having been used for cannabis products, typically must be brought to a landfill rather than recycled.

Rather than packaging items in petroleum-based plastics, we will consider recyclable materials like durable, recyclable glass bottles that help maintain the product’s purity without harming the environment.